Lightwing Autostopping

Autostopping makes sure that your non-production workloads are running (and costing you) only when you’re using them, and never when they are idle.

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AutoStopping gateways ensure that your cloud provider charges you for your non-production workloads only when you are actually using them, and never when they are idle. It always allows you to run your workloads on spot instances in a fully orchestrated way without any worry of spot interruptions. This is designed for QA, pre-prod, staging, development, demo, and R&D machines. Expect your cloud compute costs to come down by ~70%-90%!

How it works


20% of Monthly Savings

Lightwing AutoStopping saves you money on compute (by using spot instances instead of on-demand or reserved instances) and on the lifetime of the resources (by shutting down or terminating them when idle). You only pay 20% of these savings that you get every month. Pay as you go with a guaranteed ROI. No upfront costs or fixed ongoing fees.