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Smart Advisor

Go from sign up to fully cost-optimized in under 60mins. Use Smart Advisor to bucket your cloud resources based on usage (production or non-production) and nature (state and fault tolerance). Get an immediate estimate on exactly how much you can save on your cloud compute bills using Lightwing. Implement the required cost optimization automation and start saving on your cloud costs instantly.

Optimization Pillars

  • Compute Groups
    for Production Workloads
  • Autostopping
    for Non-Production Workloads
  • Policies
    for Complete Cloud Usage Governance
Compute Groups
for Production Workloads

Optimize the compute of all your production resources using AWS Spot instances or Azure Spot instances. Achieve stable and reliable high availability, while still fully benefitting from spot instance pricing.

for Non-Production Workloads

Seamlessly optimize both the lifetime and compute of your non-production resources (QA, staging, development, demo, R&D machines). Never get charged for your instances unless they’re actually in use, and fully benefit from spot instance pricing.

for Complete Cloud Usage Governance

Set policies to govern cloud usage across your public cloud accounts. Create TTL (time to live) policies to ensure that not even accessory or smaller costs like EBS volumes are left undetected. Create dynamic filters using tags, IDs, or entire user accounts for the policies.

Straight From Your Tools

Easily integrate and deploy straight from the tools you already use.

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For small and medium business
Pay as you go 20% of monthly savings

* Calculation of Monthly Savings
Monthly Savings is calculated based on the savings that Lightwing generates in that month. Lightwing compares the actual cost in your connected cloud accounts (with savings generated by Lightwing) and the potential On-Demand cost of the same workload (without Lightwing). The difference is the Savings that you gain from using Lightwing. All cost figures are available in your Lightwing account.

  • Compute Groups
  • AutoStopping
  • Analytics
  • Automated Schedules
  • Cloud Dashboard
  • API Access
  • Time To Live (TTL) Policies
  • Email Alerts
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For large businesses
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We've been using Lightwing schedules to automatically turn off unused machines running on AWS. It's really simple and convenient to use, and prevents a lot of wasted spends which we would have otherwise missed. Since it helps us save so much on our monthly bill, it was a no brainer to use. I highly recommend Lightwing to any company who’s hosted on AWS or other similar cloud providers.

Dinesh Kotha Co-founder & CEO

Demo Day

Watch our presentation at NetApp Accelerator Demo Day and discover how teams at NetApp and other enterprises are leveraging Lightwing to achieve significant savings on cloud compute costs.