Lightwing has you covered for every workload

Whether it’s for Production or Non-Production workloads, Lightwing gives you the ability to seamlessly cost optimize your cloud setup from a single location that takes just minutes to setup.

  • For Non Production Workloads

    Coming soon AutoStopping

    Consumption-based workload optimization.

  • For Production & Non Production Workloads

    Automated Schedules

    Turn off unused cloud resources automatically.

    Cloud Dashboard

    Never miss unused resources again with the cloud dashboard.

  • For Production Workloads

    Coming soon Email Alerts

    Set custom alerts for unusual activities & more.

  • AutoStopping for Managed Services

    Non-production (QA, staging, development, demo, R&D) resources are typically used only during work hours. Even during work hours, they are usually unused for a significant portion of the day. They are unused after work-hours, on weekends and on company holidays, which accounts for 70%-80% of the month. Using Lightwing's AutoStopping Managed Services, your non-production cloud resources will always be available to you when you need them, and down when you don't, giving you a massive mind-boggling saving of 70%-80% or more on your non-production monthly cloud bill. All this with no on-going manual intervention whatsoever, and no change at all to the way your developers work today.

    AutoStopping Analytics

    The granular usage and savings details on the AutoStopping Analytics section for each managed service gives you a detailed view of traffic requests, total number of hours when the resource was shut down, total savings, etc. This not only gives you a single view of how the managed resources are being used, but also the most anticipated percentage of savings on the cloud bill for those resources.


    Save money

    Cut monthly cloud bills upto 70% or more

    Save Time

    Automate previously manual tasks and activities.

    Take Control

    Manage all your cloud accounts with Lightwing.

    Get Visibility

    Granular insights into your cloud accounts.

    Happy Customers

    We've been using Lightwing schedules to automatically turn off unused machines running on AWS. It's really simple and convenient to use, and prevents a lot of wasted spends which we would have otherwise missed. Since it helps us save so much on our monthly bill, it was a no brainer to use. I highly recommend Lightwing to any company who’s hosted on AWS or other similar cloud providers.

    Dinesh Kotha
    Co-founder & CEO

    How it works

    • Connect your cloud account(s)
    • Implement automated schedules, TTLs, etc.
    • Start saving!


    Are you a startup or non profit?

    Apply to get all Pro features for free or at discounts.

    * Calculation of Monthly Savings

    Monthly Savings is calculated based on the savings that Lightwing generates in that month. Lightwing compares the actual cost in your connected cloud accounts (with savings generated by Lightwing) and the potential On-Demand cost of the same workload (without Lightwing). The difference is the Savings that you gain from using Lightwing. All cost figures are available in your Lightwing account.