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Lightwing works with all top cloud providers

Whether you are on a single cloud service provider or have a multi-cloud setup, Lightwing works for all your scheduling atuomation, rightsizing and cloud governance needs. Taking control of your cloud infrastructure has never been this fast and simple.

Stay in control as you grow

Setup individual roles for various teams and users in your organisation for multiple public cloud accounts.

Automate to save time and money

Set schedules to automatically turn your public cloud resources on/off. Save money and developer resources.

Govern your organisation’s cloud usage

Take charge of how every member in your organisation is utilizing your cloud infrastructure, across the board.

Pay from what you save, ROI guaranteed

Start saving on your monthly cloud bills in just 5 minutes.You only pay if you actually save, so it’s 100% risk-free to get started.

Something for everyone

Lightwing helps everyone in your organisation utilise and engage with your cloud infrastructure.

Complete visibility on all your cloud accounts from a single dashboard

Governance of your entire cloud infrastructure and development team

Assign budgets to your teams and team members

Track your savings from reduction of cloud waste

Ensure that all your cloud accounts are secure

Comprehensive Control Panel

Manage all yout public cloud account activities right from the Lightwing cloud control panel.

Pricing Plans

Pay only from what you save. ROI guaranteed.

Reduce Your Cloud Costs by upto 70%

Cloud waste is a notorious and common occurrence with companies who utilise public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Linode, Alibaba Cloud and Hetzner. Typically, non-production resources such as those used for development, testing and staging are only needed for a portion of the calendar month. They are not required to be running after business hours, on weekends and holidays. But, tracking unused cloud instances, making sure only the used ones are active, and turning off unused ones can be cumbersome and time consuming.

Lightwing solves this problem for you. Lightwing is a simple yet powerful tool to help you automatically turn cloud instances on and off with schedules and policies. This means that you can set your non-production resources to atomically turn off after business hours, on weekends, and on company holidays, saving you upto 70% on your cloud bills for these resources. It’s that simple. You can also scan your cloud accounts for rightsizing recommendations to make sure that your resources are not over provisioned, resulting in even more savings on your monthly cloud bill. Best of all is that Lightwing’s pricing model guarantees you ROI. How? Because you only pay from what you save. That’s right, if you don’t end up saving anything, you don’t pay a dime. That’s how confident we are of Lightwing helping you optimise your cloud setup and saving you money every month.

That’s not all. With our Teams and Users access based on roles, you can create various teams in your organisation and invite the respective users under each. Manage all the teams and users in your organisation from a single dashboard. You can even assign budgets and preset schedules for various teams and users as required. Every team member can now directly and securely interact with your cloud infrastructure having the control and flexibility that you wish to provide them with.

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